Nubian Smarts

Once you have downloaded the Numaths Kids App, the user will be requested to register an email address. Thereafter user will be prompted to register name, surname and select the school that he/she attends.

Please enable the Application to have access to your pictures and select any picture you would like to use for your profile.

One can register up to 6 different profiles on one device, hence the request for you to select a picture.

All Android smart phones or tablets are supported. 

Children as young as two years old and up to 8 years have been able to use the app with little or no parental / teacher assistance. The application is based on the mathematics curriculum for Grade R – Grade 3.

  • Send an email to lmaile@nubiansmarts.com, include the following information on the email:
    • Registered email address
    • Profiles that you would like to deregister
  • Cancellations will be processed within 30 days from receipt of the email

Nubian App Image Gallery

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